Periodontal Surgery

In cases of periodontal disease, periodontal pockets develop around teeth. These pockets are spaces or gaps between the tooth and gum tissue and become havens for bacteria and other destructive micro organisms to proliferate. If left untreated long enough (months, years, decades), these micro organisms will destroy the jaw bone that supports your teeth resulting in tooth and bone loss, and the inability to chew, speak, smile effectively. In addition, facial contours change and an older or hollow appearance can develop.

At DentalVille, our doctors and hygienists are focused on helping you arrest this disease so you can retain your teeth. We offer treatments to reshape your gum tissue, eliminate pockets and destroy pathogenic micro organisms while creating a healthier environment in your mouth and tissues that are easier for you to maintain.

In addition, our digital x-rays render excellent high resolution images to assist us in diagnosing periodontal conditions that may affect your health. You are encouraged to schedule a visit at DentalVille. Together, we will develop a comfortable approach to managing this disease which has possible links to heart and lung disease as well as stroke. We can help!