Denture Service

Protect your smile - your teeth are priceless!

Yes, we can help you with the fabrication of new complete and partial dentures as well as repairs, relines, broken teeth etc. Should you experience an emergency with your denture, call one of our convenient locations immediately so we may better accommodate you. Same day service may be available with adequate notice.

If you are wearing complete or partial dentures, our doctors recommend regular oral examinations to monitor the condition of your dentures as well as the health of supporting teeth, and surrounding hard and soft tissues.

If your dentures are showing signs of wear - teeth appear worn, stained, chipped - or if your facial contours appear hollow - it may be time to design new dentures. Over time, your ridge (jaw bone) may have (dissolved to some extent). This is a natural part of the aging process but can result in a denture that no longer fits or functions well, requires adhesives and does not support your facial contours.

If you are looking for a more secure way to retain your dentures so that you can enjoy all the foods you love and speak and smile with confidence, ask us about implant supported dentures - by far, the most securing fitting dentures available!