Air Abrasion Technology

What’s so amazing about Air abrasion Technology?

Air Abrasion is a technology used in place of a traditional dental drill, to remove decay and prepare teeth for fillings. We simply use a small hand piece that creates a stream of air and particles of powder to prepare the tooth by removing decay and creating micro abrasion for bonding of filling material.

What’s amazing is that it’s a “touch less” system - the handpiece doesn’t touch your tooth- only the air and powder actually contact the tooth. Air abrasion's minute particles allow such amazing precision that more of the tooth structure is actually preserved than with traditional drill procedures.No drill is used except a polishing instrument and rarely is local anesthesia required. For patients this means fillings without the pain and noise that can cause fear and apprehension. There is no heat and no vibration.

We can use air abrasion effectively to repair cracks, small cavities, discolourations, and to prepare teeth for bonding procedures. It's great for conducting young children's dental treatments, eliminating the noise and vibration associated with traditional dental techniques of providing restorative care. It’s easy and efficient - great for small cavities that we can catch in time and fill before they get deeper and more challenging to restore.