Laser Dentistry

Does your upper lip rise too far above your smile? Do you have what's known as a "gummy smile"? Is your gum line (gingival margin) uneven in appearance? LASERs can safely and efficiently contour your gum line, destroy disease causing microorganisms and so much more. Ask to see our LASER and discover how it can improve your smile and oral health comfortably and conservatively.

Dental lasers have the ability to enhance the effectiveness of traditional dental procedures. These lasers are excellent to use for all ages, young and old. They offer a unique, high-tech, less invasive process. The highly concentrated beam of light by dental lasers brings energy to remove areas of infection and decay. In the process, the laser sterilizes the affected area by killing bacteria and viruses found in the mouth and seals off blood vessels minimizing the chance of infection due to bleeding. Patients treated with lasers at our DentalVille office, are much more comfortable both during and after treatment. Recent technological developments have made it possible for lasers to be used effectively in the dental office and we are happy to make this technology available to our patients.